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Product Overview

UniShred Pro is a versatile, economical and highly secure software program that prevents sensitive, confidential, proprietary or classified date from being recovered from SCSI disks.

The software program overwrites all addressable areas of a disk as well as grown defect areas.

This highly proven software reduces the risk of data compromise when computers are reassigned to different programs, departments or personnel; when systems are removed from operation; and when computers are used in field assignments.

The software can be used in sensitive commercial environments to assure destruction of proprietary computer data. In a national security regulatory environment, UniShred Pro may be used to overwrite disks as part of the declassification process.

Meets Relevant Government Regulations

The program's advanced overwriting methods are complete, flexible and thorough - meeting the regulatory requirements of the Department of Defense, National Computer Security Center and the Departments of the Navy, Air Force and Army.

UniShred Pro is on the Assessed Products Lists of the Navy and the Air Force and on the In- USE Products List of the Defense Investigative Service.

High Compliance / Ease of Use

UniShred Pro is user friendly with complete operational procedures that can be scripted to ensure consistent repeated operation by untrained personnel. Non-technical computer users can automatically comply with information disposal procedures specified by government and civilian agencies.

The software automatically produces a Disk Overwrite Report that can be used to document and verify the overwrite procedure and results.

Safe and Cost Effective

UniShred Pro permits the immediate reuse of disks with no possibility of data compromise.

It avoids the harm that can be caused by removing hard disks from their host systems for physical destruction or for degaussing. It is environmentally safe; avoiding the hazards of chemical oxide removal, including the possible dissipation of oxide materials into the air.

UniShred Pro is the logical software solution that reduces the time, effort and expense of disk removal, transportation, storage, destruction or degaussing.

Fortune 500 corporations, federal and state governments, defense contractors, the military services, and other government agencies rely on UniShred Pro for safe and economical electronic data removal.

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Features and Benefits

Features Benefits
Overwrites all addressable areas of the disk Destroys data in all active and deleted data files, file directories, disk allocation tables, boot area, disk label and unallocated addressable disk space.
Overwrites grown defect areas Destroys data which may have become orphaned in defective areas of the disk.
Partial Disk Overwriting Overwrites user-specified portions of disks or single disk partition (on disks which support partitions).
Preserve Disk Label Option Allows disk label to be saved in memory and rewritten to the disk after overwrite for immediate disk reuse without requiring redefinition of partitions.
Automatic Disk Overwrite Report Procedure and results for each disk overwrite can be printed and saved for permanent records. An overwrite log is also available.
Fast Overwrite Single pass without verification is available as a custom overwrite pattern when speed is of paramount importance.
Disk Block display Compact, time-saving method of data examination, displayed in both hexadecimal and ASCII formats.
Interactive Error Resolution Enables user-specified alternative responses to disk errors. Displays data discrepancies for retry or location-skip. Lists error actions in the audit report.
Predefined Patterns Broad choice of patterns for specific regulatory compliance.
Custom Patterns Allows user selected single and multi-pass custom patterns if predefined pattern does not suit user needs.
Configuration File Permits preselection of frequently used options to assure consistency and repeatability.
Single Disk Option Permits preselection of frequently used options to assure consistency and repeatability.
Multiple Disk Capability Multiple disks may be overwritten simultaneously when available.

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